emag yahoo eb brochure


As part of the be|healthy, Benefit You theme, I created an eMagazine for Yahoo’s employee benefits program. The challenge was to create a fun, interactive and educational adventure for the reader. Other supporting materials were created to support this campaign.
emag yahoo eb comm

Yahoo | Brand and eMagazine

Benefits Basecamp was a new theme designed by Yahoo for their employee benefits program. My challenge was to come up with a brand and design materials that worked within Yahoo’s theme, brand standards and that were engaging to their employee population.
emag twitter eb comm

Twitter| eMagazine

Twitter wanted a fun and engaging online version of their benefits guide. Following Twitter's HR brand style, I created a lighthearted, interactive eMagazine containing benefit information and videos to help educate the employees regarding their plan benefits.
emag seagate eb comm

Seagate | eMagazine

Dishing Out Nutrition was an eMagazine designed as part of Seagate’s employee wellness program. The magazine was designed to be fun to look at, engaging and educational for employees.
website granite bay pilates yoga

Granite Bay Pilates & Yoga | Website

Granite Bay Pilates and Yoga were looking for a site where people could gain information about pilates and yoga and also learn about the variety of classes they offer.
website hansen kohls

Hansen, Kohls, Sommer & Jacob, LLC

Hansen, Kohls, Sommer & Jacob wanted a site that defined their roots in Sacramento. They also wanted their lawyers to have a “face” to the name.
website soul light cards - Wordpress

Soul Light Cards | Website/Wordpress

Non-profit company, Soul Light Cards, wanted a site that emphasized the need for volunteers. They also wanted people to be able to view work being done to help inspire others to join their group

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